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Welcome to the Put-in-Bay Condos Golf Cart Rentals! We are the newest golf cart rental company on the island!

Due to severe parking restrictions, golf carts are the primary method of transportation on Put-in-Bay Ohio. Unofficially, there are over 1000 golf carts on the island at any one time between residents and rentals. There are two golf cart sizes to choose from, depending on your group's size and needs. We offer the popular 4-person golf carts which are perfect for couples as well. We also offer the most sought after 6-person golf carts that fit small groups perfectly. When you reserve your Put-in-Bay golf cart online here through our website, we always offer a pre-pay discount. So be smart and save some money... BOOK A GOLF CART ONLINE! Put-in-Bay Condos Golf Cart Rentals proudly services ONLY guests of the Put-in-Bay Condos and the Put-in-Bay Island Club Rentals. We ask that guests with a confirmed home or condo reservation please enter in their rental unit# when making a booking.

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What is the the best golf cart offer on the island? With us of course! save up to $20 on weekend rentals or save up to $10 on midweek rentals. Carts are available now! Confirmed Guests Only!

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There are lots of reasons! Anyone who has visited Put-in-Bay before can tell you how much fun they are. Kids love to zip around the island from place to place and feel the wind in their face. Adults enjoy the more relaxed feel of a golf cart versus a car, and enjoy the island at a more leisurely pace. Some guest have been coming to Put-in-Bay since they were kids. Plus, being a tourist island, things are a little different than in the real world. Golf carts provide an experience that you just can't find at home!

There are also practical reason for having golf carts on the Island. On the rare occasions that you see them, regular automobiles, busses, and semi-trucks are seldom seen ging more than 15 miles an hour and they find that there is a noticeable lack of parking. Put-in-Bay Condo Golf Carts are thus the primary gas-powered means of transportation and will fit in to the snuggest of spaces. Downtown, they even have laws restricting abd banning normal car parking! Most island residents who spend their summer on the island own a personal golf cart for their transportation needs. This helps to explain what may at first seem like odd short driveways at most homes on Put-in-Bay's residential shoreline.

First, have a printable Island Guide in hand or downloaded on to your mobile devide from our website. Second, begin your adventure by cruising up and down the long public roads leading to the main Downtown Put-in-Bay "strip" to get the hang of your golf cart. Third, explore some of the quaint residential cottages found along the shoreline of our beautiful island. Lastly, go off on your own personal golf cart adventure to explore the winding roads in the center of the island where you will find putt-putt golf, public parks, wineries, caves, museums, vineyards, an antique schoolhouse, ice cream shops, and much much more. All these areas will offer you and your group some incredible views of Lake Erie and the surrounding Bass Islands. There is no need for you to stop to gas up your cart (we do that for you). Just catch your breath after what would otherwise have been a healthy hike and relax... you are on island time at Put-in-Bay Ohio!

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Guest Reviews

This is definitely the place to rent a cart... and the person that helped us rent was real nice. I would definitely rent from them again when we come back to the Condos next summer for Kid Rock. We were lucky enough to get a reservation before they sold out! Can't wait! .....

The new gas golf carts are very nice. They are shiny and new just like the new condo that we stayed in. Also, convenient as they are right outside by the pool and the kid who helped us was nice with a cool foreign accent. Great option for Put-in-Bay Condo guests and actually almost a must-do to get around. .....

Was offered a cart before our arrival and we resrved it online with minimal if any hassle. The cart was at our Condo on arrival. We contacted the manager later in the trip and he took great care of us. The cart was in great shape and had zero problems, in fact it was brand new I think. Much cheaper then the rental places charge at the ferry docks, much friendlier than the mega-cart place downtown. and they will deliver the cart right to your condo door. We will be a return customer for many years to come, both at the new Waterfront Condos and the Condos Golf Carts. .....

I rented a 6-person golf cart from the Condos prior to our trip online. From the time I called them prior to our trip, to when I dropped the cart off to leave... it was great. They had the cart ready for me at the condos when we arrived so after tossing our luggage in our room, we were on our way. They provided me with a bridge pass that allowed me to cross over the bridge as needed during my stay without being charged (Huge Savings) and they also provided me the cart for 10 days at the 7 day price. The cart ran great and I had no issues the entire time. I will rent from Rock's my next trip back... Thanks William for your professionalism and service.. .....

The Put-in-Bay Condos golf cart that we rented for 6 passengers was very reliable and comfortably ascended any of the little hills on South Bass Island, and there are a few! The employees that we encountered both on the phone and in person were always friendly, courteous and easy to work with, This includes both during the reservations over the phone and at cart pickup. We read the reviews of other places downtown at the ferry and the mega-cart place and made sure to go with Put-in-Bay Condos instead since we were staying there anyway. We couldn't ask for a better experience! .....

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Put-in-Bay Condos Golf Cart Rentals only rents golf carts to our guests who have a confirmed reservation. Simply include your confirmation # or Condo # in the comments field when reserving through our online booking program.


It is suggested that you make your reservations very early in the year, especially if your stay involves a weekend. Golf carts are limited on the Island and booking early will help insure you get the dates you want.


Guests must be at least 18 years of age to sign a contract in the State of Ohio, and thus to rent or operate a golf cart.


Bringing a personal car to the Island is a choice that each guest must make. For most of our properties, you do not need to bring your own bedding but people do enjoy bringing their own food and "beverages" and occasionally bachelorette supplies. Each condo has just one parking space so decide before arriving to the ferry. Aside from the expense associated with transporting your vehicle on the ferry, parking is extremely limited in the downtown "strip" area, so we recommend renting a Put-in-Bay Condos golf cart to use during your stay. On busy days, the waits to get your car on or off the ferry can run as long as four or five hours. The cost for a ferry roundtrip is closing in on $50. The Put-in-Bay Condos is located in the middle of the island right on the water, closest to Miller Ferry. It is a comfortable golf cart ride to most attractions and dining on the island.


Yes! Put-in-Bay Condos Golf Carts are treated as legitimate licensed motor vehicles on the Island. They all have license plates. All normal State of Ohio traffic laws apply, including open container laws as well as drinking and driving (DUI). Put-in-Bay Condo Golf Cart Rentals only rents to licensed drivers over the age of 18. Your license can be from any recognized US state. For those guests who are under 18 but holding a valid license, a licensed parent or guardian may rent a golf cart for their use as long as the parent or guardian accompanies the guest at all times while operating the golf cart.

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